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=[TUF]= Clan Game Server Rules
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:49:42 PM »
1 - No hacking, glitching, aimbotting or use of any other hacks. This will get you PB and server banned.

2 - No Base camping/raping - it is not tolerated and will get you kicked, then banned from the server for repeated base raping.

3 - If requested to do or stop doing something by a Clan Member or Admin, you must comply or you will be kicked / banned.

4 - If you feel someone is hacking/cheating, take some video using FRAPS, and upload it for us to view.

5 - Rockets on players is not acceptable in our servers.

6 - Please do not use the tank unless there is 10 or more players in the server.

7 - Using abusive language is not allowed - be respectful.

8- Mentioning DoS or shutting down the game server will result in not only a game server perma-ban, but a forum perma-ban as well.

9 - We reserve the right to change the server rules at any point without notice, so check them regularly to stay informed.
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